Kangerlussuaq | Greenland

February 2024 - We broke 100 000 QSOs!

A very successful trip this time! It started out rough with a most impressive auroral display on Wednesday night. "Oh darn it!" we thought -- but as it turned out the sun decided to behave for the remainder of the trip. 

We now have 106 032 QSO's in the logs of OX1AA, OX5DM, OX7A, OX7AKT and OX7AM. We are very pleased to have been able to provide the DX community with ATNOs, or new bands, or new modes, or points for the DX Marathon and last but not least a much wanted multiplier in various contests!

Where does this end? We don't know. We'll keep at it for as long as we can. The future is somewhat uncertain due to the opening of the new airport in Nuuk in November. Currently the main hub in Greenland is Kangerlussuaq -- with four weekly flights from Copenhagen. This is going to change some time come November 2024. We don't know exactly how this is going to affect us, but rest assured we'll do what we can to return!

73 es tusass! 

The OX7A team

February 2024 - Yes, we're going back for the 8th time! 

OX5DM, OX7AKT and OX7AM (perhaps also OX3LX) will once again be active from Kangerlussuaq. We'll be going to Greenland on the 13th  to the 22nd of February. Expect activity on all bands with likely emphasis on the higher ones.  OX7AM will do her best to be on 80 and 160 when conditions permit. 


We don't know what the future will look like. The airport in Knagerlussuaq is no longer going to be the main hub of Greenland come November '24. That means a steep increase in airfare. We'll find a way, but we don't know exactly how or when.

November 2023 - Yes, we're going back! 

OX3LX, OX5DM, OX7AKT and OX7AM are going to be active from Kangerlussuaq once again! We'll be going to Greenland on the 21st  to the 28th of November. Expect activity on all bands with likely emphasis on the higher ones. 

OX7AM will be SOAB in CQ WW CW.

Six (and counting) DX trips to Kangerlussuaq - Greenland

News - March 2023 - 70 000 QSOs in the logs

Finally a quiet sun. We have completed the 6th trip to Kangerlussuaq; this time with much more activity on the high bands. 10 and 12 meters were on fire and were were able to provide many DX'ers with a new one. 

160 and 80 metres have become even more unreliable as solar activity has increased. On some of our trips we've had zero days with useful propagation on the low bands, most notably November 2022 where we had to fight for every single QSO below 40 meters. It is entirely possible to spend 14 days in Kangerlussuaq and have no good nights on the low bands at all. 

Over the past five years 70 000+ QSOs have been logged by OX1AA, OX5DM, OX7A, OX7AKT and OX7AM (not counting OX3LX as Bo is regularly active from Greenland making if difficult to determine how many of his QSOs have been made on these trips). It has been a delight to offer OX to those who needed Greenland for a new band/mode or ATNO. 

When are you going back then? 

Currently we have no concrete plans for a return to OX in the fall -- but you never know! 

QSL via OZ1ACB for all calls except OX3LX (QSL via OZ0J)

ARRL DX CW 2023  by OX7AM

This trip's contest went reasonably well despite some technical hiccups during the first hour. A total of 4500 QSOs and about 3.6 million points.  After the contest the great result was celebrated with a glass of Bouvet bubbles (for those of us lucky enough to contact 3Y0J) -- and an unbelievably difficult-to-chew cracker.  

Also note the first sighting of a penguin in the Arctic! Albeit a very small one. His name is Julius. 

Good penguin. Yes oh so very good. 

73 es tusass* from Bo, David, Mikkel and Alex!

*Tusass [doo-sass] is Greenladic for "talk to you later"

News - February 13th 2023

OX5DM, OX7AKT and OX7AM are go back to Kangerlussuaq. Dates are 13th to 21st of February. 

OX3LX will also be QRV from time to time. 

OX7AM will be active in the ARRL DX CW Contest. SOAB. CU on the bands!

News - November 14th 2022

OX7AKT and OX7AM yet again go back to Kangerlussuaq November 22nd to 29th 2022 (OX7AKT November 24th to 29th). OX3LX will also be QRV from time to time. 

OX7AM will be active in the CQ WW CW Contest. SOAB. CU on the bands!

News - January 20th 2022

OX7AKT and OX7AM will do a quick trip back to Kangerlussuaq Feb, 17th to 22nd 2022. OX7AM will be active in the ARRL DX CW Contest. CU on the bands!

News - November 21st 2021

OX7A and OX7AM QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW. Any inquiries should be sent to OZ7AM.

News - November 10th 2021

20 000 QSOs in our various logs! Thanks to everyone who called. All team members have returned to Denmark.

See you all again soon --  73!

News - November 7th 2021

Everything good must come to an end. This year's stay in Kangerlussuaq is almost done for and finally conditions are shaping up! Time will be spent on the low  bands tonight and tomorrow night,

News - November 4th 2021

We've received emails from people asking for certain bands and modes. There is nothing we'd love more than to satisfy these needs but sadly all bands are in horrible shape. The reason? See below.  All we can do now is to wait for better (space) weather!

News - November 4th 2021

The sun is not cooperating. K-indices over 2 is a problem. Over 4 means blackout on the low bands. At the time of writing this it is all the way up at 7. No signals what so ever on frequencies below 14 MHz. We'll turn in early tonight.  

News - November 2nd 2021

A great weekend despite the Sun's rudeness. Propagation has been rather bad the past few days and we made zero QSOs on 80 and 160 during the contest.

We've logged some 10 000 QSO's so far with a week to go. CU on the bands! Below is a shot of our final score in CQ WW SSB

News - October 28th 2021

Some 3000 QSOs in the log and lots of fun had!

People have been asking for confirmation by LoTW and other means, but please have patience. All logs will be uploaded upon our return to Denmark mid November.  We're gonna be on air until and including November 8th. 

News - October 25th 2021

Bags are packed and we're ready to go! Take-off at 10:00 am tomorrow. Expect activity to start around 22:00  UTC. 

See you on the bands!

News - September 2021

Good news in fact! 

We will be returning to Kangerlussuaq October 26th to November 9th 2021. Expect activity on all HF-bands (prop. permitting) 

We will participate in CQ WW SSB (category TBD)

See you on the bands! 

73 de the OX7A team