Various scenes at OX7A

Scaffold with 20/15m yagi

OX7AKT and the Kelly Ville dish

The shack

Combined 160m L-antenna and 80m vertical

Fan dipole (17. 20, 30) and 10/11m vertical

OX7AKT welcomes you to OX7A!

What is this? -- This my friends; is a mosquito hole

Hello yes this is doggo

Presets for quick changing of band during contests

OX5DM and the Multiband Extreme Commander DX2000++ Heavy Duty Super Duper Antenna

OX7AM loves the cold!

Good morning! Time for antenna work

10m Moxon in front of a setting sun

Reindeer antlers found in nature

Ice fog

The Airbus. Lovingly dubbed "The Sausage" 

Why is the icecream stand always closed?!

A cairn (Danish; varde). Useful for guying antennas!

40m vertical with radials ready to be rolled out

Control box for the 40m array

40m array. Take-off to EU

40m array. Both elements visible

Coffee and power!

The kitchen

OX7AM's nest

Blown choke. Resonance @ 24 MHz (oops)

So much burnt wire...

Good as new!

Contest dinner! And breakfast. And lunch.


Champagne from the local store. Too expensive for everyday consumption

Good mooooooooorning Kangerlussuaq!

The ice is hanging out to dry!

40m array going up

Merry xmas!

X-field. All feeders converge here

OX7AM's 2BSIQ setup for the 2022 WWCW. Just a shame the aurora ruined the whole thing

Our most respected and beloved Expedition Leader OX3LX managing all the computers

The shack from afar

Banner on the ice

OX1KNJ and OX7AKT giving each other 59++ on the ice

The dump! One person's trash is another person's treasure